Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer

Oh no, she didn't.

Okay, she did. Everyone's favorite Dreamgirl/American Idol reject/OSCAR WINNER wore a shiny, Dracula-inspired shrug Sunday night.

Why? Why? Who did this to you, Jennifer? That thing was hideous. I'm not even anti-shrug (like some of my wonderful fellow Las Fashionistas); they do good things for me. I'm tall, but short-waisted, so they make my upper body look a little longer.

But I feel like someone told her her upper arms looked bad or something. Like it was a last minute decision to throw aluminum foil around her shoulders. You know that old saying, "Take one thing off before you leave the house"? That shoulda been it. The coppery dress is pretty much fine without it.

On the bright side, Jennifer looked powerful, sexy and stunning in her performance with the other ladies from the Dreamgirls cast. Red is her color, don't you think?

And she wisely did not wear that monstrosity while accepting her award.

Smart move, Jennifer. Smart move.
UPDATE: Oooh, so apparently I was right: that first dress was a last minute thing.
Photos courtesy of MSN Movies.