Friday, February 23, 2007

Share with us: Your Perfect Outfit

Do you have an ensemble that makes you feel like a million bucks? Something that you wear that you know will garner compliments--or just perfectly expresses your personality?

Share with us what you are wearing and what you love about it!

I know it sounds weird and I can't find a picture anywhere, but my outfit is a light peach sleeveless dress. I feel rockin' in it. I bought it at a Ross Dress for Less for under $20, and it goes perfectly with some gold stilettos (it has gold flecks in it). The color somehow makes my hair look richer, my eyes look sky blue, and my skin look perfect.

What outfit makes you wanna work it on the runway? Or just feel super smart in the classroom? Or feel powerful in the boardroom?
(I swear I picked this photo of Drew before F. Cali's leggings post; I decided to keep it anyway to show what a stunner she is on the red carpet!)