Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!

Dear Readers,

The Las F team is taking an extended break to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with our family and friends. Please think of us while you "dress" your turkey. We will return to our regular schedule of posting on Monday, November 27, accompanied by a new Fashionista!

And one more thing...
We're thankful for you.

Las Fashionistas

Thursday, November 16, 2006

These aren't your Granny's pantyhose...

Tights are back. F. Cali wrote about them last fall, and the stretchy stockings decorated the spindly legs of fall runway models from Gucci to Temperley, Chloe to Anna Sui. Three distinct versions of tights are popular this year. And they don't include anything labeled "nude" or "sandy beige." In other words, these aren't your Granny's pantyhose.


Definitely the easiest version to pull off, but opaque tights are anything but boring. Opaque tights are incredibly slimming and classy. While the traditional dark colors are best for professional settings, opaques in colors like red, pink and green can add a little tart to a boring outfit. Solid tights are versatile enough to work in just about any ensemble, including monochromatic looks and patterned garb. Don't forget to have fun playing up the shoes!



Don't be afraid. Patterned tights are intimidating, but offer lots of panache if you're willing to give them a shot. Stick with vertical pin stripes, polka dots, or simpler patterns. Overly busy patterns, horizontal stripes, and gratuitous color will make you look heavier. Dark backgrounds are a helpful guide in matching patterned tights with your outfit. Pairing patterned tights with solid dresses or skirts is the obvious choice, but don't shy away from mixing with patterned clothing. Stick with a similar color palette and create a mosaic look for added drama. Solid, subdued heels are best for this look.

Anna Sui


Wooly tights serve a dual purpose, first for fashion, and second for warmth. Because textured tights produce a cold-weather look, they work very well with wooly sweaters, plaid skirts and classic tweed. Textured tights look fabulous with knee-high boots.

Anna Sui

For a variety of styles and colors, visit the below vendors:

Stocking Girl


Look From London


Legwear Resource

My Tights

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Three Cheers for the Healthy Hottie!

You know what, readers? There are still a few examples of good health out there in Celeb Land. Shocking, right? Take, for instance, Jessican Biel:

I know, every time she has her picture taken, she's working out. She's discovered what I have discovered of late--endorfins are addictive! I've been working out every day for the past two weeks and let me tell you, it's made quite the difference. All of a sudden I am no longer concerned that I'm not a size 2. I feel great, and I'm looking good too.

Jessica looks healthy and happy--let's hope that more starlets witll follow her lead and start living a bit more sensibly.

Get moving: it's the best gift you can give yourself!

Pictures courtesy of Popsugar.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Product Review: VS Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

It took me long enough to find out that Victoria's Secret has some great undergarments and start wearing them regularly. It was around the time that I made this discovery that something else came to my attention: VS has branched out into the cosmetics world. Sort of. They have many of the same things you'll find in your local Sephora, including many of the same brands. They also have their ever-expanding line of lotions and sprays (yawn). What's not-so-yawnworthy is their line of lip glosses, called Beauty Rush.

My first thoughts were, "Another line of lip gloss? Do we really need any more?" Of course we don't, but it's nice to have the Beauty Rush line. It's a thick gloss, so it's definitely not for wearing around your significant other, but I like the way it feels, and it stays put very well. It's pretty sticky, though, and things like your hair will get stuck in there and it will be a pain to get it out without making a mess of yourself. Otherwise it's a great product. It's high shine gloss with some sparkly versions if you're feeling like having sparkly lips (which I often do). It certainly makes a statement. They claim the glosses smell and taste great. I can vouch for the smell factor, it's a nice touch, but they taste waxy, just like any other gloss, to me.

The variety of available colors is rather unusual. Of course they carry the usual pinks and reds, but also oranges, blues, whites, purples and yellows. They actually don't end up looking all that bad, for the most part. It's important to test the colors out on your hand before you make a purchase, especially for some of the more outrageous colors. Their sparkly purple actually comes out looking quite nice on your face, whereas the non-sparkly variety looks - well, purple. Each gloss ends up being quite unique. I own three at this point - Tangerine, Creme Femme and Oatstanding, and they each feel, smell and look fantastic. And, lucky you, they are on sale for 2 for $10 (in my local store) or 3 for $15 on the VS website. The variety pack would make a great holiday gift, too!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Pretty Anne

I'm not so sure about this dress on Anne Hathaway. I love how natural and pretty her hair, jewelry and make-up are. If she ever decides to get married, she would look stunning in a dress like this.

The dress is figure-flattering without being skin tight or "welcome to my cleavage!" over-the-top sexy. But one twist and the world is suddenly acquainted with Anne's tooshie...or (ahem) other "special parts."

I've seen a lot of lace in the stores this season--seems to be some sort of Victorian resurgence going on. But lace should always be fully lined, my friends. Or least not barely obscuring a slit up to the butt.

Photo courtesy of Popsugar.