Friday, December 01, 2006

The Shoe Obsession Explored

This one's for the menfolk out there. Few men will ever understand the joy and rapture that many women get when buying shoes. They way they see it, a shoe protects a foot, and any shoe that does so comfortably is a good shoe, and no further shoes are generally necessary. A woman, and some smart men, know that a shoe is so much more than that, and the right shoe for the right outfit or occasion is the cherry on top of your looking-good cake.

Shoes can effect how you carry yourself, and can slim a thick leg. A drama teacher I once had told the ladies to always audition in heels, because you carry yourself very differently than you would in flats, and it's incredibly flattering. It's true in the real world, too - a heel is very flattering. But it's not just about picking a heel, it's about picking one that's comfortable, that suits your personality. Chunky or stiletto, wedge or kitten, and a world of colors and textures are among just some of the choices that women have when picking a shoe. It's about taste and style, and expressing that part of a person's self is a true adventure.

Maybe that's why guys just don't get it. There aren't really myriad shoe choices for men. Sure, there are oxford, loafers, boots and the like, but unless you go to one of the more daring shoe stores, men's shoes are pretty lackluster. Nordstrom is a great example of this. I love Nordy's for shoes (especially some great sales), and I am never disappointed with the ability to choose a nice, conservative shoe, or a wild, feathered shoe that my fiance will never understand. What does he have to choose from? A variety of tasteful leather shoes in black, brown or navy blue. I exaggerate, of course. There are a few other choices. But perhaps the reason men just don't understand us and our shoes is that they were never afforded the opportunities that we were. Women's lib: 1. Rest of the world: a lot more than that.

I'm sure most guys don't yearn for the day when they, too, can pick up a satin shoe that goes perfectly with their new suit. What if they had all along? The situation might have been totally different. Rather than dwelling too long on that idea, I'll just be glad I can pick from a huge selection of crazy, beautiful, different, flattering, painful-but-worth-it shoes.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The holidays are just around the corner, readers! In a few weeks here, the Fashionistas will observe their yearly tradition of posting their wish lists, but meanwhile, we'd love to hear from you! What do you want from Santa this year?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pleased to meet you!

Hey Ladies,
(and the occasional gent)

I am tickled pink to be the next Las. Fashionista!

What makes a fashionista? My mom would say "Confidence!" and I would have to agree. But we all know I could wear leopard print leggings with confidence, and still be off target. A true fashionista makes up her mind to look classy, while keeping her personal flair.

Living 25 minutes from the beach and 2 hours away from 3 big cities (D.C., Annapolis, Baltimore), has really played a part in creating my personal style. Seeing women in the city looking chic and sophisticated definitely inspires me to follow their lead. And yet, one trip to the beach leaves my legs itching to be in a flirty skirt. As you can imagine, I am often torn between the two extremes! But half the fun of fashion is doing something different everyday, and looking beautiful while you're at it!

I can't wait to share my advice on make-up, fashion, and attitude . . . not to mention, the hard lessons I've learned, and horrible mistakes I've made in the past. What doesn't kill you makes you a better dresser, right?


F. Maryland

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Does he need a "man-icure"?

The metrosexual male has emerged full force, complete with a pink polo shirt, self-tanner, and even the "european tote," a.k.a. the "man purse," a.k.a. the "murse." Don't forget the man-icure. Where do we draw the line?

Should men get manicures? Why or why not? Will you embrace the funky nails that come with the territory, or do you demand a grooming overhaul involving a splash of clear nail polish?

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Meet the Parents

Ah, yes, it's the time of year again: the holidays. Fa la la la la, la la la la. Also known as "getting to meet the boyfriend's family for the first time" season.

When meeting the parents, dress more modestly and conservatively than you might in normal daily life. This is the time to wear fitted, though not too short or lowcut, sweaters, to-the-knee skirts or nice slacks, and dressy shoes. Tone down your make-up a little, and let your warm smile be the first thing they notice about you rather than the lipstick in your teeth or your black liquid eyeliner.

Make sure your outfit works well with or without shoes--you never know when you may need to be shoeless in another person's home. Groom your feet and hands well; no chipping, peeling nail polish please.

Talk with your boyfriend about bringing a gift. Cookies, plants, a classy Christmas CD, or a bottle of wine can all be good choices--but talk with your boyfriend about the appropriateness of your gift beforehand. Wouldn't want to give cookies to the person on a diet or the wine to an alcoholic...that sort of thing. If somehow you do give an inappropriate gift, apologize (only once--you truly did your best!) and remember it really is the thought that counts!

Be yourself while being on your best behavior. Smile, shake hands, be gracious, and have fun!

All you can do is hope to God your experience won't be like SJP's in The Family Stone:

Yikes. I'm sure you will be fine though.