Friday, May 12, 2006

Making Mom Feel Like a Queen

For those of you who haven't even thought about Mothers Day yet (it's Sunday!), here are a few ideas to help. You can get your mom:

-a manicure or pedicure gift certificate (maybe you should go with her and get one yourself!)

-a relaxation set, complete with tea, bubble bath, a soothing CD, and a scented candle (or Bath and Body Works has some fun aromatherapy sets available this time of year)

-a special "Mom" movie (shhhh! Don't tell my mom, but this is what I'm getting her!)

-a long, appreciative letter

For those of us whose moms have passed away, this may be a good time to make a donation in her name to a charity she would have supported. Or you may want to honor another mother in your life--a friend celebrating her first Mothers Day as the mom of a new baby or a person who has been like a mother to you.

Happy Mothers Day, everyone!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Orange Roughy

Dear Jessica,

I miss you. While your "chicken of the sea" and "cosby kids" antics annoyed me at the time, I find myself wistfully reminiscing of days of old (or new...lyweds).

I said I could take no more, after your boots trash-shayed all over "Dukes." Your Big in '05 trout-pout and Joan Rivers-style eyelift didn't help either. However, your very sad and public relationship snafu left me feeling sorry for you. And I came back for more.

Now this?

If we're going to remain friends, I need you to explain a few things:

  • Is lil' Kenny angry at you? Did he grab the Clairol box labeled "Apricot" by accident or was it on purpose?
  • Did you fall asleep at Mystic Tan? I recommend a good power wash and some heavy exfoliation immediately.

  • And the dress...I'm thinking, orange-sherbet Push Pop. Except that the top of the dress forgot to "push" your bosoms into place.

Jess, wave goodbye to your quest for America's Sweetheart. I'm afraid that this love-hate relationship is finally over.

Images courtesy of Superficial and Fug.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Getting fit--We can do it!

As long as I can remember, I've been dissatisfied with my figure. I'm not, and probably never will be, a stick-thin girl, but at a size 6-8 I'm not full-figured either! While I write for Las F, a blog based on the principle of inspiring and empowering women to embrace their true selves, I struggle with insecurity because I don't fit Vogue standards.

I often put myself down or dislike what I see in the mirror. Well, readers, I'm trying to change that.

A few months ago I made a commitment to go to the gym at least three times a week. I had no one to go with me, and I didn't hire a trainer. I'm proud to say that with a few exceptions I've stuck to my goal, and I'm beginning to see amazing results. I'm not as sluggish as I used to be. I'm sleeping better at night. My mood swings are less pronounced. My butt and legs are more toned.

I haven't made as much progress as I'd like, but I have learned something: taking time for yourself is very important. Lots of women tell me they'd love to work out, but that they just don't have time to do it. To them, I have one reply: Honey, you're too busy NOT to work out! Regular workouts will change your life. Once you get over the initial hurdle of working exercise into your schedule, you'll quickly find that you're addicted! I can't wait until school gets out in a few weeks so that I can go every day!

So what should you do? Here are a few ideas to get you moving:

Join the gym. If you don't already have a gym membership, this may be the time to get one. Gyms offer you a ton of different exercise options, expensive equipment, and personal trainers. Most gyms usually have a lot of classes as well. There's something for everyone.

Take a Yoga class. Yoga can improve your body in ways that typical cardiovascular exercises can't. It strengthens your core, the crucial group of muscles all around your spinal cord. Strengthening your core gives you better balance and posture. I've heard Pilates can also be good for this, although I've yet to try it.

Go for a walk.Can't afford a gym membership? Does the idea of working out around sweaty strangers leave you queasy? Head for the sidewalk! Walking can be a great way to get those endorfins going, and the best part is that it's free and independent of equipment. Make sure you walk briskly. Aim for at least 30 minutes 3-5 times a week, but don't push yourself too hard at first.

Take a dance class Have you ever dreamed of soaring across a floor with the ease and grace of a prima donna? Dancing is a great way to develop balance and poise. It's a fun way to get your heart pumping!

Lift weights. There are several reasons why you should begin weightlifting right away. The main reason is that weightlifting strengthens your bones, which can help prevent osteoporosis later in life. Lifting weights won't bulk you up--it will tone your body and help that slimming process. The more lean muscle mass you have, the faster you can burn fat.

Take the time to invest in yourself. You are worth it, dear readers! Don't wait. TODAY is the day to set goals. TODAY is the day to begin feeling the exhilaration of reaching your goals!

PS-I am leaving tomorrow (Thursday) to go to France on vacation! F. Nashville and F. Seattle will be covering for me while I'm gone. I'll be online while in France, but I'll resume blogging again once I return the last week of May.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Violet-ize Your Eyes

At the mention of violet eyeshadow, most of you
will gasp aloud in horror. Afterall, it's been since the 80s since the purpley powder graced your eyelids.

image courtesy of NARS

But here we are, 20 years later, taking another look at the shade, asking ourselves, "can I really wear purple eye makeup without looking like a drag queen?"

Blue or brown, cool or warm, you can wear shades of lavender and eggplant. Violet is complimentary on everyone. The color brightens the whites of your eyes making you look more alert and awake. It also vamps-up a boring makeup routine, especially for a night out on the town.

Start by lining your upper eyelid with a dark shade of purple liner. Steer clear of lining the entire lower lid, as the color is too overbearing for full coverage. At the most, slightly line the outer corner of the lower lid. For an evening look, line sharply. Try Make Up For Ever in Iridescent Plum. For a daytime, workplace look, a smudgy pencil is more appropriate. Try Tarte eyeliner in Olympia.

Choose a family of violet shadows including a base, shadow and highlighter. The base should be of the lavender or lilac variety, and is applied over the entire eyelid below the crease. The shadow, of eggplant or plum variety, is then applied in the crease, but does not encroach into the brow bone area. Lastly, the highlighter of a silvery, sheer purple, is applied slightly below the outside of the brow bone.
Try Vincent Longo eyeshadow trio in Lavender Mist or DuWop Violet Eyes palette.

Violet shadow has become the newest "smoky" eye. For a dramatic look with attitude, employ more coverage of the shadow color and finish with a purple-hued mascara, like CARGO SuperEyes mascara in Violet.

Don't be afraid to experiment with spring's hottest new color!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Completely making up for the disaster at the 2006 Oscars…

(Thanks to the gals at Fug for this picture.)

Charlize Theron charms us with this gown at the Met's annual Costume Institute Gala last week.

Please ignore the little pirate spaceman next to her, aka John Galliano, the designer of the dress. (I know there’s a joke in there somewhere about “Those who can’t dress, design,” but I’ll excuse the get-up for the sheer brilliance this man must have--somewhere deep, deep inside--to create such a stunning dress.)

Charlize, honey, next time bring your cute boyfriend, Stuart Townsend.

Talk about arm candy.

Things I love most: the vivid color and the delicate and sparkling neckline. Somehow it feels it would more appropriate around Christmas time, but isn’t it perfect for a costume ball?