Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Speaking of the Simpsons...

Unlike her sister Jessica, Ashlee Simpson has failed to earn my favor. In addition to having no voice or talent, she has spawned a generation of bad fashion. First it was Avril Lavigne, the angry punk, and all the depressed angsty little teenage girls dressed like her: big, baggy pants and teeny tiny shirts.

Horizontal stripes honey. Didn't they ever tell you that?

The bottom line is that I have to feel a little resentful towards Ashlee Simpson for inspiring yet another generation of teenybopper girls to dress ugly. According to my sources, these paint-on pants are the new skater look. Can we say ew? I'm pretty sure those pants were worn in the 80's sweetie, they should have stayed there where they belonged. And heels? With jeans like that? I could have let the top and the scarf pass, but I can't ignore those pants.

Oh wait. The scarf has SKULLS on it. Never mind, I can't let that go. What is this, "Naughty Pirate Meets Troubled Teen Who Views Tongue As Fashion Acessory?"

Love the makeup and the hair...but at this rate she has a long way to go.

oh, I courtesy of this hottie.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Smiling but Never Smug

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Jessica Simpson. Before she became a huge star and started getting regularly featured in tabloids as the participant in all kinds of torrid affairs, she used to be a really sweet girl. Maybe not a Mensa candidate, but sweet.

I've had these pictures for awhile and I've been trying to figure out a way to work them into a post---but I decided she looks so pretty I couldn't resist posting them any longer. Things I love about her outfit? Her hair (I'm trying to grow mine that long since extensions are not in the budget), her perpetual use of beautiful high heels, her toned bod, her amazing trench (LOVE the color--navy is my new black).

Things I don't like? The bag. It doesn't go. There's something off about it...maybe it's the rhinestones.

What do you lovelies like or dislike? Discuss.

***PSA: I am well aware of her over collagenized lips, the lack of smile in this shot, and the limp wrist.