Friday, August 25, 2006


August is quickly coming to a close, and the start of September means an onslaught of fall fashion. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to even find any summer duds on the store racks, because it's already been replaced with harvest-themed apparel. I, personally, am very excited about my favorite season and the shift to warm makeup trends and cozy, yet chic, clothing.

In anticipation of the coming season, what kinds of topics would you like to see on this blog? Do you have any questions about all things autumnal?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Retouching Our Attitudes

We've all been told countless times of the massive retouching efforts employed by the print media, movie producers and advertisers. A picture of perfection is presented, causing us to idolize the celebrity and criticize ourselves. No wrinkle is left unsmoothed, no blemish remains. Double-chins are edited out and even strands of hair are strategically placed and relocated.

If we know this, why do we continue the self-deprecation?

The BEFORE photo:

The AFTER photo:

So cut it out, already. You are beautiful, unique and fabulous, even when you look like you've just rolled out of bed. It's time we began to retouch our attitudes and embrace our exquisiteness.

Note: This is by no means, "pick-on-Britney-week," but it just so happened that she's the featured exhibit in this dog and pony show. Photos originate from a Glamour cover shoot, earlier this year.

Images courtesy of Teddy & Moo.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nifty Fifties

There's a good chance that with the resurgence of films set in the late 1940's and 1950's, such as The Black Dahlia and Hollywoodland (welcome back, Ben Affleck!), we may be seeing more 1950's style hit the runways and stores near you. Even Christina Aguilera is giving up her dirrty ways and is getting into the old Hollywood glamour/Marilyn Monroe style.

How can you incorporate this style into your wardrobe and make-up? Follow Christina's lead with a perfect-for-you red lipstick, thick, dark lashes, and a perfectly arched eyebrow. Platinum locks in a deep side part complete the look.

If you think you can pull it off, you can try blue-grey eyeshadow with this look, but this may be best left to the pros on the red carpet. This is probably not a good look for the office.

However, other than the cigarette, Scarlett's look (below) in a fitted twinset (probably paired with a navy, black or red pencil skirt with kitten or high heels), is a perfect example of something you can wear to the typical office job:

Although you may feel skittish about wearing a sweetheart neckline, try at least one dress with one, especially for a soon-approaching holiday party. Sweetheart necklines enhance the bustline as well.

Do try the occasional classic, even if it's not your usual style: pearl earrings, soft red lips with minimal eye make-up, fur (even faux fur can look fairly soft and real nowadays), and the occasional classy hat (maybe leave the veil behind).

And although broaches reached their pinnacle a few years ago, those of us in the know are holding on to them and still incorporating them into our wardrobe when appropriate. Fall and winter are the perfect time to pin them to more substantial coats, sweaters and dresses. The broach here takes this little black dress from drab and non-descript to unique and lovely.

Have fun incorporating 40's and 50's style into your wardrobe, especially as the weather turns cool!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And Another Thing (New Post Below!)

This seems like a big deal to me. I just realized that this website just celebrated its one-year blogiversary.
Around this time last year, F Jersey and I started this website to tell people what we thought was cool, express ourselves, and of course make fun of celebrities. We never dreamed that it would become popular--we did it for our own amusement. A year later, we have a dedicated readership and are doing better than ever!

Thanks, readers, for making this such a fun experience. And I especially want to thank F. Nashville and F. Seattle for their impressive work here.


Good Morning, Class. I am Your Substitute Teacher.

Every now and then I get too lazy to write for this website. Today was one of those days, and it just so happened someone was willing to fill in for me:

Hah, y'all! Ah know, it's mee again. Ah've been staying indoors a lot lately, and sorta traw-yin to avoid the pavarottis--ah mean, pizzarios, ah mean those people who always make me look so bad in dem pitchahs.

Ah'm here to introduce mah MAN, Kevin Federline! Come on ya'll don't laugh. I clean up real good, see?

Mah shoes match (Ah remembered shoes! That's better than that other time! And Ah even shaved mah legs and mah pits. Kevin won't allow razors near him so ah have to hide them in mah bathroom. Kevin doesn't like the bathroom much anyway, he says it gets in the way of his masculinity, or something. Ah dunno. Sean let me use his baby oil on them. Mah gaw, that kid is so cute, Ah swear Ah wanna dip him in batter and deep fry him! Not really, don't go callin them mean ESPN people on me, I mean CSP? Whatever, ya'll. They were HARSH.

Aw thought black hair sorta fit mah new personality, which Ah totally don't care about what people think of me no more. Kevin says it's the only way to make it in this bizniss and Ah think he knows seeing none of those rapper people will take him seriously. And anyway, this dress is TOTALLY pink except not too pink, because Ah'm totally mature now and have mature things to think about like MAH BABY. So the pink totally makes me glow and Ah love that because AH'm happy.

Let's talk some more about the GLOWING! Ah'm totally RADIATED, ya'll. Or whatever it is when you GLOW from Pregnancy! Ah'm a great mom and Ah'm totally proud of being a mom, so just CHILL.

Ah guess maybe the dress should be longer because those people could totally see up it, and Ah dunno it was just sorta uncomfortable, ya'll. But mah legs look GOOD, ya'll! Ah always feel that a woman has to work with what she has, and now that Ah'm pregnant ALL THE TIME Ah can't show off mah stomach like Ah used Ah figure the legs'll have to do.

It was fun ya'll, AH hope these fashion ladies let me type to ya'll more later!

NOTE: This is not sarcastic. I actually was struck by Britney in these pictures, and I think it was more than just her fantastic motherly co-stars that impressed me. She looks GOOD. She looks really, REALLY good. She looks happy, healthy, and...dare I say it...centered. I can't believe I'm saying this, but...well done!

Now let's just hope Kevin can recoup some of his costs on that album he's dropping, because...DANG. It's BAD.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Help a newbie out

So I'll admit it...I'm a Sephora virgin. For shame, for shame.

I've been to one (the one in Downtown Disney nonetheless), but I've never actually purchased anything there. Call me cheap, call me indecisive, call me intimidated.

But I'm going there on Friday, and I am buying...something. Tell me, fashionistas, what favorite Sephora product you cannot live without--and help me decide!

Love, F. Seattle