Monday, May 08, 2006

Completely making up for the disaster at the 2006 Oscars…

(Thanks to the gals at Fug for this picture.)

Charlize Theron charms us with this gown at the Met's annual Costume Institute Gala last week.

Please ignore the little pirate spaceman next to her, aka John Galliano, the designer of the dress. (I know there’s a joke in there somewhere about “Those who can’t dress, design,” but I’ll excuse the get-up for the sheer brilliance this man must have--somewhere deep, deep inside--to create such a stunning dress.)

Charlize, honey, next time bring your cute boyfriend, Stuart Townsend.

Talk about arm candy.

Things I love most: the vivid color and the delicate and sparkling neckline. Somehow it feels it would more appropriate around Christmas time, but isn’t it perfect for a costume ball?