Thursday, May 04, 2006

Recapturing your fashion mojo

Do you ever find yourself looking in your closet with apathy, thinking, “I have all these clothes, and nothing to wear. I don’t like any of this stuff”?

Do you ever realize--sometimes in the middle of an amazing sale at (insert your favorite store here)--that you are in a fashion slump? That you seem to have the shopping blahs?

Well, here are a few tips to get you inspired again:

-Keep a fashion notebook. This can be as simple as a Pirates of the Caribbean folder (I almost bought one of these at Walmart the other day because Orlando Bloom is my boyfriend, but doesn't know it yet)

or as elaborate as a scrapbooking binder complete with wee little stickers, like these.

Cut out pictures you like from magazines. Don't just look at Elle and Vogue--try Real Simple and Oxygen. Write what you liked about the picture next to it: “Cute dress,” “I like the mood in this photo,” or “Fun lip color.” Even if clothing or make-up isn’t the item the advertisement is selling, look beyond that to the mood the picture evokes and what you personally like about it. Even car ads can be inspirational.

When you're in a fashion slump, look back over the things you liked before; this always helps me remember what I like and break through a rut.

-Draw inspiration from nature. Let the day and the season guide your choices. Try a silvery white eye shadow or a winter white pea coat in the winter. Play up your blush as the pink roses bloom in summer.

-Search the stars. If you enjoy a particular celebrity’s style, copy an element of his or her style, just for a day, just for fun. Channel Audrey Hepburn in your little black dress. Wear four inch heels and avoid the self-tanner while dressing like statuesque Nicole Kidman. Throw caution to the wind and be fun and crazy like Cameron Diaz.

Remember, fashion is fun! With a few of these tips, you'll get inspired again in no time!