Friday, April 21, 2006

Springing into Step...or Stepping into Spring...

Jill asks, “What kind of shoes should I be wearing for the next month or so? I feel like my winter boots and shoes are too heavy, but like it is not quite right yet to wear open toes shoes. I know mules would be fine...but I always find them very uncomfortable. Any other ideas?? Are chunky heavier sandals okay for this time of year?? As for clothes, I am mostly wearing lightweight pants with t-shirts (heavier ones) or 3 quarter sleeve tops these days, and have started pulling out my black and denim capris. I also have several skirts I'd like to start wearing, if I could sort out the footwear issue. Thanks in advance!!P.S. I live in Toronto, typical seasons.”

If you are anything like me, you can’t wait for spring to HURRY UP AND GET HERE ALREADY! By mid-March, I’ve happily unpacked my spring and summer clothing and eyed an adorable pair of sandals while the below-freezing weather rages on. Sometimes I think I can trick Mother Nature by wearing sandals: “See, really, it’s spring! Stop raining! No, seriously. Please stop already.” (What’s a Seattle girl supposed to do? Other than wear one of these…)

Jill, the type of shoes you wear will depend on your lifestyle, of course, but here are a few suggestions, and just for a change, I thought I’d showcase shoes available rather inexpensively at your local Payless Shoe Source (

Payless has a lot of fun colors and styles in slides this spring. On warmer days, you can try a pair of springy slides like these:

A feminine pump in light pink is another fun choice:

Spring is the perfect time to try out an old classic in a bold, bright color:

I bought these recently and love them; they're perfect "everyday" sandals:

I’m not a huge fan of chunky sandals, mainly because they seem to make legs look chunkier, too, so try some out (with an outfit you might wear them with) before purchasing. Here’s a funky, grommeted pair available at Payless:

And because the eighties are so back, and my peeps need their Airwalks:

Have fun shopping for spring, everyone!