Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Classic Case of Horizontal Madness

I thought this tied in well with yesterday's post.

OK. I will be the very first to admit that I love Jewel. I've loved her since the very first time I heard her way back when she released "You Were Meant for Me" and it took her so long to work her way to stardom. I admire her courage in being herself instead of a sex symbol, her classically trained voice, her thoughtful lyrics, and the way she's not just put out album after album for the sake of money or fame.

And I happen to know that she is quite short. And petite.

But this dress? Ouch, honey. It is so close to being smashing, and yet so far. WHY with the horizontal ribbon?? You have this great line going, and then it was like the designer said: "What, you wanted graceful? No way! What kind of statement does graceful make?!?! No trust me, everyone will copy this dress and it's imperative that all civilian women feel as ugly as possible!"

So maybe that wasn't exactly what they were saying...but still. Jewel manages to partly atone for this mishap by being so naturally beautiful. Don't try this at home. RESIST THE RIBBON.