Friday, March 31, 2006

Men Wearing Skirts

A skirt is a many splendored thing. It can camouflage a multitude of lower body flaws, create curves where there are none, dress up a simple t-shirt and sandals, keep you cool as a cucumber in the summer heat, and just plain make you feel like a girly-girl.

Apparently there is a growing male population interested in getting in on the sweet skirt action. No, not chasing skirts--wearing skirts. They're adding some cargo pockets on the side and calling them Utilikilts. (I like the red version myself.)

Natalie asked, "What do Las F have to say about guys wearing Utilikilts or other fashion kiltwear?"

We can understand why men might want to wear them (staying cool, roomy pockets, heritage pride), but in general, we recommend avoiding them unless you like having people ask you a lot of questions or looking at you like you have six heads. But hey, if you enjoy copious amounts of attention, go for it, guys!