Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A long time ago, in a galaxy (dress) far, far away...

Tegan recently asked for the official Las F opinion on the Galaxy dress. I can't speak for F. Cali, but I had never heard of it. A little sleuthing on the internet quickly informed me.

This dress has been all the rage, especially in Europe and Australia, since last fall. Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johansson, Rachel Weisz, Demi Moore, and Victoria Beckham have all been spotted wearing the gown.

This dress is flattering on a variety of figures and seems well-suited to the curvy among us. It is also liked because it is both sexy and modest. According to this article, the dress features "Powermesh, a French fabric from the Fifties used to reinforce underwear.... 'Once you're zipped in, your body moves with it. It means that whether you are a size 6 or 14 you will look fantastic in it....'

The article also conjectures that part of the dress' allure is that so few are being made. There are waiting lists (in the hundreds) for this dress at nearly every high class store in London.

I like the dress; it's seems of-the-moment and classic at the same time. Because it has a vintage feel to it, I think it would look best on a curvy, youngish woman. (Sometimes when older people wear vintage, it just makes them look old--like they were cleaning out the attic and found some of their old clothing from a few decades ago; but when a young person wears it, it gives the look fresh appeal.) I'm not a big fan of the flaps accentuating the hips (as seen on Rachel Weisz's dress above), but other than that, I think it's quite flattering.

If you can find it--and afford it--it could prove as versatile as a little black dress, especially in a neutral or signature (mine are pink and red) color.