Monday, April 10, 2006

What do I Wear with this Dress?

Linnea writes:
"I have a question for you. My brother's wedding is coming up (in May, warm weather, and it's an outside wedding) and I would love to have something really nice to wear. Now I found this dress that I really love at Anthropologie, and I'm thinking about getting it. What kind of shoes would I wear with this? I would figure flat shoes, but would thong sandals be appropriate? I didn't think so, but that's why I'm asking y'all! And I was wondering if you had some dress ideas for me, that maybe I'm not thinking of. I would just love for y'all to give me some advice!"

I LOVE the fabric of this dress. It's different, but not too flashy. I say go for it! Since it's an outdoor wedding you'll want to avoid anything with a really severe heel. They'll sink into the grass and that wouldn't be fun at all. I'd also avoid flip-flops, unless the bride is wearing them or you know the wedding is super casual. They're really not special enough for a wedding.

You could accent the dress with several different colors, but I see this dress looking best with red. Here are a couple of shoe ideas to get you started:

Red Platforms, $82.95, available at Zappos...I'm skeptical about mixing satin and cork together, but I'd have to see these shoes in person to be sure. At any rate, they mimic a style that should be easy enough to find.

Aerosoles, $63.95, available at Zappos<: Since you said you were thinking of wearing flats, I'm assuming you want really comfortable shoes. Aerosoles are made for comfort, and you could wear these shoes with countless other items you probably have in your wardrobe: Jeans, denim capris, khakis, skirts, etc.

These shoes would be cute if you determine the wedding is pretty casual.

Get a big straw hat something like this one here and finish the outfit with a simple necklace and earring set.

A word of caution about slip-ons: practice walking around in the dress, with the shoes on, for a few days before the wedding. MAKE SURE that your dress isn't going to get caught under your heels! There is nothing more annoying than getting tripped all day long!

Have fun Linnea!