Monday, November 27, 2006

Meet the Parents

Ah, yes, it's the time of year again: the holidays. Fa la la la la, la la la la. Also known as "getting to meet the boyfriend's family for the first time" season.

When meeting the parents, dress more modestly and conservatively than you might in normal daily life. This is the time to wear fitted, though not too short or lowcut, sweaters, to-the-knee skirts or nice slacks, and dressy shoes. Tone down your make-up a little, and let your warm smile be the first thing they notice about you rather than the lipstick in your teeth or your black liquid eyeliner.

Make sure your outfit works well with or without shoes--you never know when you may need to be shoeless in another person's home. Groom your feet and hands well; no chipping, peeling nail polish please.

Talk with your boyfriend about bringing a gift. Cookies, plants, a classy Christmas CD, or a bottle of wine can all be good choices--but talk with your boyfriend about the appropriateness of your gift beforehand. Wouldn't want to give cookies to the person on a diet or the wine to an alcoholic...that sort of thing. If somehow you do give an inappropriate gift, apologize (only once--you truly did your best!) and remember it really is the thought that counts!

Be yourself while being on your best behavior. Smile, shake hands, be gracious, and have fun!

All you can do is hope to God your experience won't be like SJP's in The Family Stone:

Yikes. I'm sure you will be fine though.