Monday, November 06, 2006

Stickham Strikes Again

Poor Katie Holmes. Not only is she marrying the world's craziest guy not in an asylum, but now our old friend Victoria Beckham allegedly tried to convince her to lose more weight for her wedding.


This video suggests that perhaps Stickham is really down-to-earth and not as uptight as I thought, so there's a part of me that feels guilty for even mentioning this incident. But please, people. I am so tired of having images like the below picture thrust in my face as the epitome of beauty.

Let's take a closer look at Katie. Does she really need to lose weight? From all I can tell she's thinner now than before she had Suri. She looks fabulous. I know moms who would kill to look like that so soon after having a baby.

My heart aches for these women, and all women who feel that they have to fit a certain mold in order to be beautiful. I'm angry that it's gotten this far. I'm upset that a woman as thin as V.Beck feels like she looks awful naked.

We have to change how we view beauty. We aren't going to get good models of true beauty from Madison Avenue. We can't look to magazines.

It just makes me sad that there are people who feel they have to diet themselves down to a shadow in order to get acceptance from a very fickle world. I wish it were different, and that's one of the reasons why this site remind you all that there IS a way to be beautiful, healthy, and well-fed too!

pictures courtesy of Popsugar.