Friday, October 27, 2006

Making a Mark in Beauty

When the words "beauty mark" and "celebrity" are mentioned in the same sentence, a couple of names automatically come to mind.

Cindy Crawford, check!

Marilyn Monroe, check!

But Lindsay Lohan???

Lohan was spotted recently at the Hollywood Film Festival Awards, sporting a beauty mark that's obviously been created with an eye pencil. And I think she looks fabulous. Can't actually believe I used one of my favorite words to describe Ms. Lohan, but that's a moot point.

So, readers--- what do you think about this? Is a beauty mark intended for only those who are graciously gifted at birth? Or is it kosher to wear a beauty mark as an accessory? Does a beauty mark have a practical use, like hiding a blemish or drawing attention to somewhere specific on the face?

One thing's for sure... I bet the teeny bopper crowd will pick up on this and our shopping malls and movie theaters will soon be swarming with pre-pubescent, walking beauty marks...

Photos courtesy of SFF and IMDB.