Friday, November 10, 2006

The Misunderstood Turtleneck

When I was a kid, I hated turtlenecks. They were itchy, and I always ended up looking like a librarian or, worse (in my childish mind): my mother. Of course, now that I'm an adult, I wear turtlenecks all the time, and often look like my mother. Who knew she was so hip? Anyway, the turtleneck will be anything but frumpy with a couple of ideas:

1. Bold colors - not your librarian's turtleneck. Often it's the beige, earthtone turties that make you look boring. An eye catching color, no matter what the piece, makes you stand out. Pair a hot, jewel-toned turtleneck with charcoal pants and sky-high heels for an updated work look. Also, a multi-colored example breaks up the monotony usually associated with a monochrome piece. The one at left is a great top - fun colors make you look like anything but a librarian.

2. Great accessories. If you're wearing a monochrome top, some of this year's fabulous standout accessories can finish and compliment your look. Many of them are meant to make a bold statement, taking the boring right out of your outfit. A antiquey brooch with a thin belt makes a very modern look. One of my favorites, a long, chunky beaded necklace becomes the centerpiece of your outfit, and gives your turtleneck a very grown-up, fashionable tilt.

3. Cutouts, no matter where they are, instantly rev up your outfit. Who knew that the ordinary turtleneck, sans sleeves, would turn up the hotness on what could have been a very boring outfit? Check out this exampe from Dolce & Gabbana. Short sleeves, a lacy pattern and a simple pair of black jeans. Minimal effort, maximum beauty. Of course, who can afford D&G? Not me. Fortunately, the turtleneck is a big part of the fashion landscape, and a trip to the mall will no doubt yield your own gorgeous, unique turtleneck. Oh, and P.S.: makes a sophisticated, parent-friendly holiday outfit. Enjoy!