Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pleased to meet you!

Hey Ladies,
(and the occasional gent)

I am tickled pink to be the next Las. Fashionista!

What makes a fashionista? My mom would say "Confidence!" and I would have to agree. But we all know I could wear leopard print leggings with confidence, and still be off target. A true fashionista makes up her mind to look classy, while keeping her personal flair.

Living 25 minutes from the beach and 2 hours away from 3 big cities (D.C., Annapolis, Baltimore), has really played a part in creating my personal style. Seeing women in the city looking chic and sophisticated definitely inspires me to follow their lead. And yet, one trip to the beach leaves my legs itching to be in a flirty skirt. As you can imagine, I am often torn between the two extremes! But half the fun of fashion is doing something different everyday, and looking beautiful while you're at it!

I can't wait to share my advice on make-up, fashion, and attitude . . . not to mention, the hard lessons I've learned, and horrible mistakes I've made in the past. What doesn't kill you makes you a better dresser, right?


F. Maryland