Friday, October 14, 2005

Textured Tights 101

(The above tights are available at Rhonda's Fashions.)

Want to look like a doll this fall? Wear textured tights! They're making a comeback in a big way, and can add quite a bit of delightful funkiness to your outfit.

I (Las F Cali) first discovered these whimsical tights thanks to my sisters-in-law. They can be warmer than regular stockings and add a unique flair all your own to any outfit. But be careful--accessories such as these can easily overpower an outfit. If you're going to wear bold tights, then play down other wardrobe aspects so you don't look too funny.

If you're not sure that this look is for you, then try a simpler sort of tight, like these herringbone stockings, available at Urban Outfitters for about $18. I'd pair these with a knee-length black skirt, a white blouse, and a pullover sweater for a sweet school-girlish look.

If you're willing to add a bit more color and really make a statement, then you've got to try these lovely and colorful tights (also available for about $18 at Urban Outfitters). Keep in mind, though, that the rest of your outfit should be as plain as possible. Here's a good rule to follow: When wearing multi-colored tights, choose just ONE color from the tights to match to a shirt, then pair that solid shirt with a plain skirt. The tights are a huge statement, so remember that less is more!

Now, what shoes would one wear with tights like this? I have a couple ideas. I think that if you find the right pair, clogs would be great with an outfit like this, but I do mean NICE clogs like these:

You could also go for a pair of Mary-Janes. Keep in mind that the shoes should match the tights. You shouldn't pair a lacy pair of tights with chunky shoes, nor should you wear striped tights with pointy-toed high heels.

Have fun!