Friday, October 14, 2005

What We've Learned from Southern Belles

There's plenty to be learned from the likes of Scarlett O'Hara and the Steel Magnolias. You don't have to adopt their philosophy hook, line, and sinker, but these women are onto something when it comes to fashion and femininity.

Wear Lycra. We've covered this idea already, but it deserves another plug. With celebrities going around looking like sea cows, the public is bound to think they can follow suit. Not so! Be a step ahead of the likes of Star Jones and do the right thing.

I'm reminded of the immortal lines from Steel Magnolias, when one character (Olympia Dukakis) observes to another (Dolly Parton) that one of their more well-fed friends had forgotten her Lycra. Dolly Parton's character comments that she hadn't left her house without Lycra since she was 14. Olympia Dukakis' comment: "You were raised RIGHT!" Obviously, this approach is a bit extreme, but I find Lycra gives me a great amount of confidence.

Don't go out without being ready for the day. This is another rule that stars break all the time, hence the nasty paparazzi pictures. You'd think that if you were famous and desirous of avoiding being caught in an awkward state of undress, you'd take the time to wash, get dressed, and look presentable. Apparently this is more than many stars can manage apart from a stylist. Just don't do it. Put on some makeup and fix your hair. You'll feel much better about yourself. Just trust us on this one.

One star who always seems to have it together when she's out and about is Paris Hilton. Even if she's dressed casually, her hair is always clean, she wears a little makeup, and she probably smells really good. Laugh at us if you like, but that girl has something going for her. Follow her lead, or risk eternal mockery!

Wear high heels. In a day and age where all stylists seem hell-bent on turning the American Woman into an ugly, stump-legged little troll, high heels are becoming a blessed relief. Please, ladies, before you succumb to the horrors of the ballet shoe trend, consider this: the average American woman is 5'4" and weighs something like 160 pounds. Do you think with those proportions that flats are a good idea? Hell to the NO! We're not saying you're stuck in heels for the rest of your life, though. Heels help you to walk with a more feminine swing in your step. They add length to any frame, and they just make you feel sexy. Wear them.