Monday, September 25, 2006

Classic combinations

I know we have been posting frequently about Christina Aguilera, but what can I say, girlfriend has become the Anti-Britney all over again, this time in terms of style.

I've been obsessed with all things animal print lately, and this slim little belt is just perfect. Leopard print can look surprisingly fresh with a bold shade of red--or it can be worn more conventionally with black or denim.

The dress is a gorgeous classic and could certainly be forgiving to a variety of body shapes and sizes. Not to mention those shoes: the peep toe is really fun for fall--it's more covered up than a summer sandal, cooler than a winter boot, and more playful than a traditional pump.

And I like that she didn't wear a ton of jewelry with this--it just would have been too much. Although the platinum locks and the red lipstick are classic combinations and really work with this outfit, I'm looking forward to seeing what Christina can do next--hopefully something a little softer and less brassy in term of make-up and hair--in the next several months.