Monday, October 09, 2006

Is that a hanger in your dress or are you just happy to see me?

Penelope Cruz is a pretty lucky gal. She's got a best friend who doesn't steal her boyfriends. She's dated some of the hottest men in Hollywood (Tom Cruise, pre-meltdown; Matthew McConaughey, pre-scruffiness). It's even rumored that she's dating Orlando Bloom, but of course, he's dating me, so don't believe the rumors, people.

She always seem to dress to accentuate her curves, but this dress appears to exaggerate her hips in a totally unflattering way. It's like she's got a clothing hanger stuck in the lower half of her dress. Yikes. Add that to the school marm tights and fairly fugly shoes, and you've got yourself a dud, folks.

That said, does forest green remind anyone else of the early 1990's? It just doesn't seem like a modern color any more (granted, a color is a color--and the popularity of colors is fairly cyclical), but I still like it. Anyone out there still rockin' the Christmas-tree green?