Friday, October 06, 2006

Fashionable winter coats

Belinda asks, "Hi Las F. Girls! I have a question. Can you do a feature on winter coats? What's in this year, both casual and more formal styles? I find if you don't get in early, the best styles usually disappear, especially as a plus-sized lady."

Boy, you got that right, Belinda! That's why we're answering your question in early fall, although we realize some of you are still enduring heat in the 90's and some of you already have snow!

The most popular style for fall this year is the military jacket, although what military they are referring to, we're not sure. The jackets and hats we've been seeing seem stuck in the Civil War era. (At least it's not camo, that's all I've got to say.)

This style is warm, and is usually available in a number of muted shades. Look for one that is gently nipped at the waist to give you some shape. With the shorter collar, you may want to invest in a bright scarf as well.

If you want to go classic, you can't go wrong with the peacoat, especially in a modern winter white, although black may weather better. Once again, look for one with seams at the waist or one that is gently nipped at the waist and slightly flares out to accentuate your feminine shape.

If you want to go for something a little funky, try a colorful take on the jean jacket with a lighter, bright courdoroy jacket for those in warmer temperatures, like this purple corderoy jacket.

Another slightly warmer corduroy jacket is this chocolatey brown one with safari styling (left).

Last but not least is the superwarm coat for a sporty fashionista: the not-your-boyfriend's-puffer jacket (below) with faux fur trim in a fun color (this style is also available in black) with a feminine slim-fit and fun pockets. Very cozy.

Have fun shopping!

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