Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Her ED Smugness Strikes Again

Our SIZZLING reader Keyser sent us this picture of the Martian Crossing. It was almost as good as getting free makeup samples!

Once again, Marcia's determined to show off her curves. Is this an attempt to cater to the little people and help them feel special? Upon looking at this dress a little closer, I have to be honest--I can't find much to criticize other than the color. Perhaps she's going to be a bridesmaid! For Terri Hatcher and Michael Jackson's wedding! This shade of lavender seems just the heinous sort of thing Hatchson would pick for a wedding. They'd make beautiful babies, don't you think? All tall and dark and compulsive-looking. No formula for those kids--too fattening!

Where was I? Right--making fun of Marcia. And Terri. And Michael. All at once! Marcia, if this dress had been navy, I'd have to grudgingly let you off. Pick a more sensible color for once. And wipe that smirk off your face!