Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Short Hair Styles

Laura, who is in the very enviable position of living in Brazil, loves her short hair, but has run out of ideas of what to do with it. It can be difficult - long hair can go up, down, out, in, any way you like. Short hair gives you less to work with. There are a few options with what you can do, and most of them revolve around different accessories. Jeweled barrettes have been a favorite of mine for quite some time, and they can be quite elegant for a formal occasion. You could also do vintage barrettes, casual plastic ones - the options are truly endless. The ones at left, available at the Red Envelope website, are a great way to start, which brings me to my next thought - your part. A middle part is a nice, everyday way to wear your hair, but if you want to mix it up a bit, do something on the side. For an even more dramatic look, do a severe side part with a barrette to secure your hair out of your face. It's the difference between being the girl next door and the hottie next door. Think Veronica Lake.

Another great option is the scarf , and contrary to popular opinion, it works with short hair, too. The tapered bangs sticking out from underneath is so very now, and with the variety of lengths, textures and colors scarves are available in, you can be anything from hippie chic to Jackie O gorgeous. The headband at right is from Free People. My only other recommendation for style is to experiment with curl. If you usually do it under, maybe try flipping it out for a That Girl look, if that's your taste. You might also want to try using a little styling gel and do a messy, chunky look for something with a little movement. Put a dab on the palms of your hand, rub your hands together, and then run your hands haphazardly through your hair. You're really only limited by your imagination, so experiment with anything and everything to find what you absolutely love. Be a trendsetter!