Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Finding the Right Wallet

Caro asks:

I'm looking for a new wallet...something that has room for bills as well as a coin pocket. Credit card slots would be great, but not necessary. I'be been searching for a while, but it seems that every wallet I find with all these features is way out of my price range. I want a nice wallet and I don't mind a designer splurge, but I definitely do not want to spend $350 to get the wallet I want. Any ideas?

Caro, I giggled when I saw this question. A few months ago, I finally got fed up with hand-me-down wallets, and I went out and bought one. I dropped a whole $26 on it, can you imagine? Scandalous behavior from a recovering tightwad like me. Now that I'm all grown up and a married lady, I reasoned, I deserve a Real Lady's Wallet, not some cheap thing I found on the street and used because I was in college and had no real money to put in it anyway.

A wallet is an item I'd not buy over the Internet. It's also not an item I'd spend more than about $30 to buy, unless it was something really, really special. I feel the same way about purses, too, but that's because I have different priorities. I'd rather spend that money on makeup or shoes.

OK, you want a wallet. The question is, how much, for you, is too much? I guess I'll just post a couple of ideas with varying prices, then you can make a decision for yourself.

The first wallet that caught my eye upon a cursory view of Bluefly (which PS? If you like designer stuff on the cheap GO THERE. It was brought to my attention by the lovely Dilly) is this sweet Prada wallet. It has room for bills as you requested, and it also has ample space for change. The site calls it 'large', which means that if you're into that whole 'clutch' purse idea that is so rampant among women these days, you may be out of luck. I personally divorced myself from the 'clutch' movement when I realized that my makeup, wallet, cellie, AND my horseshoe (I find it works better than mace) would not fit. I now carry around a purse so large that I'm constantly being followed by men in black who monitor my terrorist activities in department stores and Sephora.

The other potential disadvantage that I see with this wallet is that it's a somewhat hefty $248, which might leave you with nothing at all to put in the wallet once you've got it in your hot little hand. I also found this red wallet. It still meets your requirements, but it's only $68.79.

I spent some time looking through the websites of Macys and Le Target, but I didn't see much that seemed like it would work for you. (I did not, however, look at Fossil, and they might have something reasonable for you.)

I recommend shopping for a wallet in person. That way you can hold it, zip and unzip it, and try to fit it in your purse.

Just make sure the salespeople don't see you. You don't want them to get the wrong idea!
Good luck!