Thursday, December 22, 2005

Product review: DuWop Lip Venom

This is a new feature of Las F. We feel that in order to deliver the best possible service to you, our dear readers, we should review the products that we've tried as makeup mavens! If you have a product you're interested in trying, but you're not sure if you should spring for it, then let us know! We'll try to get our well-manicured hands on it, and give it a try. Consider us your Consumer Report for makeup, skin and hair products!

I've been hearing about DuWop Lip Venom for awhile. It seemed like an interesting concept--a lip gloss that plumped your lips by "stinging" them! Well ladies, I'm pleased to report that for the most party, DuWop Lip Venom, $15 at Sephora, holds true to its claims.

I first tried the gloss by itself. At first I felt nothing, then after about 3 minutes, I noticed a slight burning sensation in my lips. They appeared fuller to me, and I liked the look! I then tried the Venom over my regular lip stain, and guess what?! It still works!

Here are the disadvantages: first of all, Venom is a gloss, which means if you want a fuller look with matte lips you're out of luck! The second problem is also related to Venom being a gloss: as with most glosses I found it tended to catch on my hair sometimes. However, my hair is fairly long and curly, so maybe that's just me.

Final verdict: If you have a little extra cash to burn and are interested in plumping your lips, by all means try this gloss! If you don't, well, then don't worry. This goes in the makeup 'toy' category--fun to have, but not a necessity.