Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wish Lists of the Great, pipe dreams of the deranged

I'm only too glad to share my wishlist. Since my birthday is December 30, this list pretty much covers everything I'd ever want. As I wrote this I realized it was less of an actual wish list and more of a projected wish list. Most of the items on here are things I'll never actually get. Translation: If anyone hates on me for items in my list, I will roast you alive.

A December birthstone ring from Helzberg. Lovely! It's big enough to look completely luxurious, but priced to tempt my husband to buy it for me.

A Golden Retriever puppy. I love these dogs. They are friendly, affectionate, playful, and get along very well with children. They're the perfect family dog. I've wanted one for quite some time. I doubt this wish will come true, but a girl can dream, can't she?

A Blackberry Used by stars and important people around the world, this is the ultimate techie gadget. What fashionista/nerd wouldn't want one? It would mean I could post to Las Fashionistas from anywhere in the world. You'd love that, wouldn't you, dear readers?

Benetint Cheek Stain I've heard great things about this product. I really like stains. They tend not to require re-application throughout the day, and they're also great for a more natural look.

While we're talking about makeup, I'd love a bazillion dollars in gift certificates from Sephora. There are lots of little purchases I'd love to make there, but alas, one can't have it all.

These in every color. They're so cute and girly. I love the vintage touches, and they'd go with a wide variety of outfits in my wardrobe.

I love these beautiful luminescent orbs of goodness-the bigger the better! They're a quick way to dress up any outfit and will make any girl feel like a princess. I'd also like a pair of earrings to match, and a pair of white pearl earrings as well.

The perfect pair of jeans. God only knows where I'd find these! I've had good luck in the past with Ann Taylor, but recently I've been disillusioned. I want different jeans. You know, the kind that are faded in all the right places and that stretch and cover all your less than hot places; the kind that make you feel you could conquer the world.
That kind. Let me know when you find them, dear readers.

And for something serious... A donation to a local crisis pregnancy center. Not because I'm pro-choice or pro-life, but rather in honor of the hard work the people at these centers do, and their committment to helping girls in the most dire need.