Monday, November 14, 2005

A Few Items

Time to go through the mail bag and answer a few opinion polls of the readers at large.

Q: "What is Las F's stance on this resurgance of Cowboy boots?" -C.Rooney
A: I don't care for the cowboy boots, personally. They seem more like a costume piece than a serious part of your wardrobe. There are certain circumstances where I've seen them done well, especially in the context of the newly-huge prairie look. In the summer they look somewhat cute with a rutched blouse and knee-length skirt, but it's not my favorite look. One suggestion to pulling them off better is to go for a cowboy-inspired boot, like the ones at left, rather than full-on poopkickers. My chief complaint with the footwear is they look like clown shoes on a woman's proportionally tiny feet.

Q: "Could you review arm warmers?" -Anonymous
A: I feel the same way about these as I do about leg warmers. If the weather is cold enough for arm warmers, just put on a long-sleeved shirt. They're pretty ridiculous.

Q: "Okay, now how do you feel about boleros?" -Melissa
A: I consider these to be even worse than the shrug. Whereas modest women might wear the shrug to cover the arm, the bolero doesn't even do that. It seems to serve no purpose. Fashion should have a function as well as looking good, unless looking good is its own purpose. Some items do carry this quality, like a pashmina, but a bolero doesn't even look good.

Q: "I would like to know your opinion of these." -Belinda Taylor
A: Wow, that's...absurd. Definitely not for frequent use, and then what's the point of buying $51 tights if you're only going to wear them once? The product description says it all - "These are for those...who like to grab all the attention." These would be perfect for someone like Paris Hilton, whose career is based solely on the fact that people pay attention to her. She has no particular talent, it's just the fact that we watch her every move. As normal people, however, we want to garner attention because we look fantastic, not because we look ridiculous. I'd give this a solid no, and suggest something that doesn't add girth to the thigh, I might add. You'd better be a twig if you're going to wear them.

Hope that clears those items up. I also want to add that we at Las F are horrible with deadlines. If you have a big event coming up and you want advice, you should probably give us at least a week, if not more, to answer back. Sometimes we're super fast, sometimes we're the opposite. To ensure you can be ready in time, tell us as soon as you know your dilemma.