Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Get Your Coat and Get Your Hat

Las F regular Snorman posed the following question: "Do you have any thoughts on wearing hats? What hats are in this season? And, most importantly, which hats are OUT!"

Hats are a big, definite yes, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you lose 30% of your body heat out of your head, so mom was right when she told you to put on the hat or you might catch cold. Secondly, the hat is what takes outerwear from "I'm staying warm in winter" to "I'm staying hot in winter." Like the perfect shoes, a hat can take a simple coat and scarf into another world of fashion goodness. It brings your entire ensemble together. And to think, so many people don't even take advantage of the opportunity! Fortunately for you, this season is filled with a selection of hats for you to try, and the choices are broader than ever before. Thanks to the resurgence of fashions from yesteryear, you can pick up distinctive pieces that will really make you one of a kind. Don't be afraid to try a newsboy, as we mentioned in a previous article, for a universally flattering hat. There are also bucket hats in new patterns and fabrics to try. And, of course, if you're going to be out in the snow, take a walk on your child side and go for a crochet hat with earflaps or other cute embellishments. These come in just about any color, shape or design you want, so feel free to get an offbeat hat for your boring old winter jacket, like the one at left.

Men, unfortunately your options for hats are somewhat limited. I suppose you can blame that on women's lib. But really, do you want to be all that experimental with your head? Most likely, no. You can wear a baseball cap, a skullcap or something your grandfather once wore, and considering winter is coming, the baseball cap is out. There are a few other options, for example, this beanie with visor is just a little twist on your average skullcap, and would go great with casual outerwear. Otherwise, I'd say find a nice skullcap - and I do mean nice. No sports logos, no alcohol logos, just a nice, patterned skullcap. I'm also a fan of a man in a boyish winter hat, like the girl's hat above, but of course in manlier colors. Seeing a guy in a youthful hat gives him something of an impish, adorable vibe. That may just be me. Of course, if you're the sort of guy who likes retro clothes, then feel free to try on a fedora or similar hat with some of your nicer outfits. As long as you keep the color subdued, you won't go down in flames.

Now, what hats are out? I'm sick and tired of those ridiculous trucker hats, and fortunately I think they are starting to take a backseat. You know a fashion has gone bad when you see thirteen-year-olds wearing them so they can look cool. Anything with a huge flower is a definite no-no; instead accessorize your hat with a tasteful brooch or pin. You don't want anything that will cause a person to say, "Whoa, check out that hat" instead of, "Whoa, check out that hottie." Also, steer clear of berets unless you are very sure you can pull it off. I have not seen many berets that I've loved. That goes double for stetsons and other cowboy hats, especially the one on the left. While I give credit to men and women who can pull this off and look legitimate, few among us can. Give it deep consideration before you try it out.