Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Makeup advice, darlings!

You can never have too many makeup tips. With that in mind, here are some ideas for the fall:

Blush a Little! The days of ghostly white cheeks paired with racoon eyes are gone, gone, gone! It's no longer fashionable, in my opinion, to go without blush. (Do I sound biased? I am.) Ditch the pale look-blush is back. A little blush here and there will do wonders to wake up your pretty face. After applying foundation and before applying powder, smooth a little lipstick into your cheeks. Then dust your cheeks lightly with powder before applying a little blush. Your cheek color will last longer that way. By the way, don't bother spending your beauty bucks on expensive blush. I buy mine at Target and I never spend more than about $3. It's just not worth it for pink powder.

Stain your kisser! Try a lip stain. They typically wear well and the sheerness of color means you won't end up looking too dramatic. I have pledged my undying devotion to Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers, available at better drug stores everywhere for about $3.50. I am not easily impressed with drugstore variety lipsticks. I usually regret buying them, but these little stains are the best I've seen yet. They have a wonderful minty smell and feel too. Brilliant! Swipe a little on your cheeks for a uniform color. Just make sure you blend it in well-you don't want to look like a painted doll!

Add some new tools to your toolbelt! I discovered this product quite recently. I am a busy girl and have little time for primping throughout the day. I was skeptical of purchasing Benefit's F.Y.Eye because of the price--$20! However, a few months' use has converted me for good. Put this miraculous cream on your eyelids in the mornings. (I usually put foundation on the eyelids first, then the cream.) Let the cream set for about 3 minutes, then apply your eyeshadow. Your eyeshadow will retain that just-applied look all day long. This is a splurge that is worth every penny!

Let's Talk about Brushes. I recently discovered the wonders of makeup brushes. They really do improve the way the makeup wears and they give you more control as you apply it. I have the Studio Basics pictured at left, and it works just fine, but I've had to supplement with other brushes as well. I know that professional brushes run about $20 a pop, and that seems like a lot. Most people will probably tell you to go buy the expensive brushes. While I agree that you get what you pay for, I've not been dissatisfied with my little $6 set. Use your own judgement. Buy one expensive brush, perhaps, and supplement with cheap ones. My complaints about the set I have are a) they didn't have an eyeliner brush and b) the brushes are a little small. Don't go into debt on this item, ladies-it's not worth it!