Monday, October 24, 2005

Quelle Horreur! The shrug, an atrocity against the modern woman

This seaon, we at Las Fashionistas have noticed the unfortunate resurrection of the shrug. The shrug is the evil stepmother of fashion, flattering no one, mistreating all it comes in contact with, and seeking only to promote its own ugly daughter, in this case, the idiot designer who created its miserable form in the first place.

It was bad enough last year, but this year it's been reincarnated even uglier than was imagined possible. (And believe us when we say that we at LasF have pretty broad-sweeping imaginations as far as ugly is concerned.)

The shrug commits several atrocities on the female form. First, it abbreviates the torso. Most women have a short torso already, so the shrug isn't going to help them any. Second, it accentuates curves, and not in that juicy, positive, all-those-curves-and-me-with-no-brakes sort of way. More of that lumpy bumpy food baby sort of way. Last, and most detestable of all, the shrug serves no purpose whatsoever. It doesn't keep you warm. It doesn't flatter your figure or hide a trouble spot. It looks good on no one besides models and skinny, mean girls with flat stomachs who frentically and guiltily work out after consuming half a sip of Pepsi One.

Ladies, don't fall prey to this horrible fashion. Let it a die a short and painful death, and may unemployment swiftly descend upon those who add it to their clothing lines.

Long live the Real Woman!