Saturday, October 22, 2005

Minis and Sashes

We received a couple of questions that I figured I'd address at once. The first was about mini skirts - are they tacky, and who should wear them? I am a big fan of the mini skirt, myself, with a few caveats.

Primarily, the difference between a nice mini skirt and a skanky one is length. For the record, I'm considering a mini skirt anything that falls above the knee. There are teeny weeny mini skirts, the kind that fall just below your behind, and frankly they would make anyone look like a tramp who would wear one. Take a look at model Nadja, at left. You look at her and think, "Tramp-o-lina!" The shoes don't help either, but the bottom line is that a little modesty is a good thing. On the brighter side, the mini is good for a lot of people. Especially for those with short legs, a miniskirt will elongate your lower half. Add some nice heels and they get even longer. Wear it with a cute pair of sneakers and you've got the cute sporty look. So, what if you're super tall? I say go for it - you'll have miles of legs, and what's wrong with that? So, who can't wear them? If you have thighs that need some work, you might want to stay away - every time you sit down they'll be front and center, so if they're not your best asset, think twice. Also, if you're going with the skirt and you're white as a glass of milk, slap a little self-tanner on those legs first. We recommend the new Jergens self-tanner. Natural, easy to use, and gradual. Finally, give me a big amen for opaque tights and a denim or corduroy mini in the fall. Tres chic. Really, the miniskirt is a good choice.

Now, as for sashes, we are big, big fans. The sash comes in so many different colors, and you can do so much with them. Tie one around your bag, wrap one around a ponytail, tie one around the neck for a '60s look, use a long one as a belt...I could go on forever. If you have a short torso, it's probably not the best idea to tie one around the waist. Give yourself a little bit of length by tying it around your hips, instead. Ditto if you have a short neck - use it as a headband, instead, and avoid that horrible headache. For the really adventurous, tie a small one around the wrist as a bracelet for a boho look. Really, the sash has had a renaissance since it came off your 2nd grade party dress. Take an outfit from ordinary to outstanding with a sash, such as a plain dress; girly up a pair of jeans, or even khakis. And go crazy with the patterns, too. As long as you don't make a whole outfit from it, no harm! Most importantly, stand out, and be yourself.