Friday, October 14, 2005

As if we needed more proof...

While doing some research, I happened upon the following disaster. This 2005 runway show proves one thing: the Shining Intellects are providing a much-needed service to the world at large. The service we provide (free of charge, I might add) is an invaluable form of enlightenment that fashion designers have apparently cast aside like last season's Pocahontas boots.

The fact that mainstream fashion designers have gone off their rockers is tediously self-evident. What is not so clear to me is how these people convinced factories to make these clothes, and models to wear them. Every sense revolts:

Redhead says: I maxed out my credit card buying cheek stain at Sephora. I had no choice!

He looks sad. It's probably because he lost his self-respect when donning this atrocity. "I wish that I had listened to Las F!"

All Gavin needed to complete his slum look was a dirty Styrofoam cup and a battered cardboard sign saying: "Will work for shampoo"

This is impressive-everything about this outfit looks 25 years old. Even the boots. It looks like Goodwill got drunk on cheap vodka and puked all over everything.

Can you guess who this designer is?

Do you give up?

This is none other than Marc Jacobs. MARC JACOBS!!! He's supposed to be a leader of fashion trends--a LEADER! That means he inspires us all to ascend to higher echelons of fashion!

The only thing this line inspires me to do is clean out my closet. What about you?

Well, at least we know where Kirsten Dunst gets her "unique" style:

HAAHAHA, and you thought you were UNIQUE? Turns out there's a whole ROOM of people running around with your tedious lack of taste. I wonder how much extra they had to pay those models to wear that get-up.

See the whole train wreck here.

Enjoy your weekend, readers! At this rate, Las F should dominate the world by Christmas.