Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cover Your Kissers-How to Choose a Lip Color that's Right for You

Tintin writes:

"Both fashionistas seem to agree on lip stuff being important. Do you have any word of advice regarding colors to choose? I have heard people say that you should choose something that complements your complexion, but not quite sure what that actually translates to?"

Rocky Racoon called, and he wants his mask back!

Regardless of what the Olsen twins think, lip color IS important. Lots of girls today elect not to wear it, but it adds a lot of spark to your face. Lipstick doesn't have to be bright and bold either. Remember that the purpose of makeup is NOT to change your face. The primary purpose of makeup is ALWAYS to highlight your natural beauty! With that in mind, let's begin.

First, decide what kind of lipstick you'd like. I recommend having several different kinds of lipstick on hand to fit your changing moods. Different days, occasions, and outfits call for different types of lipstick.

Are you looking for something natural? Try a stain. I've plugged the Burt's Bees stains numerous times, but I'm doing it again, kids. Wear it.

If you want a more dramatic look, then go for a creme or matte. I love Stila's line; the color wears well all day.

If you're willing to invest some money on your lipcolor, I suggest popping over to Sephora. Please do go to the store if you're new to the lipstick thing, as opposed to shopping online. Hopefully the nice broads there will help you. Just tell them that if they don't, F Cali is going to get all Fashionista on their skinny butts and tear them and their store to pieces in a post of staggering proportions. Because we have POWER! And Influence!

Oh, so where was I? Oh yes, lipcolor. Try a bunch of different shades. Start by swiping the color on your hand. Do you like the way it looks on your hand? Then try it on your lips!

The old rules of cool/warm are OUT. Don't worry if a color fits into your palette of "acceptable colors". Wear what makes you feel pretty. A good lipstick should showcase your eyes and accentuate your natural color. You'll know when you find one that works!