Friday, November 18, 2005

The New Wave in Hair

Pink Princess writes: "I've got long, wavy hair and I wanna cut it off a little... could you help me?"

There is a world of hairstyles out there, and giving long hair a bit of a trim is definitely a plus. I would add, though, that long hair seems to be the in thing this season, so don't cut off too much. As for a good style to go with, there are some suggestions that you might be interested in trying. As much as I think Katie Holmes' head is anywhere but her shoulders, the hair on top of it is gorgeous. I remember her straight hair days from the Creek, and it was so boring - perfect for her character. Now that she's a grownup and a mommy-to-be, this wavy, natural style is fantastic. The curls give her hair movement, and although I'm sure it does take some work, it doesn't look like it's an incredibly high-maintenance haircut. One way to achieve this would be with velcro rollers, the use of which we discussed in a previous article. If your hair is already wavy, you probably won't need much else except I must advocate for a shine serum. Her hair looks gorgeous and luminescent, and a finishing spray that promotes shine is a great way to achieve that. Eufora, which is available in salons, makes a fantastic one, and I personally use it and think it works great. It is expensive, however, so if you want a cheaper option, John Frieda's line makes finishing cremes that will make your hair shiny and silky. The better part is, they're tailor made for your hair color, be it natural or otherwise.

If you're ready to handle a more high-maintenance style, the one sported by Lisa Kudrow (pictured here as the sadly departed Valerie Cherish). The bangs are great if you have a wide forehead, but if you're going to do that, beforewarned. You may end up breaking out more under your bangs, and the Perfect Length will be an elusive lover. When you first get them cut, they'll be perfect, but in a few weeks (if even that long) they will be in your eyes, pissing you off. Whatever you do, however, I must demand that you never attempt to cut your own bangs. Never. I don't care how annoying they are. Run in to your stylist for a quick trim, or have someone who's good at it do it for you, but for pete's sake, don't cut them yourself. The other problem with bangs is you have to go through a long, awkward period of growing them out once you decide you're sick of them. In that period, however, you can do the swept aside look, as Lisa has done, so it's bangs, but not completely bangs. There are also always clips and barettes and jeweled bobby pins in the interim.

As an alternative, you could always do a Felicity and make your waves into tighter ringlets. Keri Russell, was an absolute idiot to cut her hair - it suited her very well, and it was her trademark. I'll admit, the short version is cute, but it certainly doesn't hold a candle to the romantic, flowing curls. You can get these ringlets with a thin curling iron, and they will probably turn out neater that way, but if you're cool with a ton of messy curls, which is certainly in fashion as well, thin velcro rollers can also do the trick. A good mousse as your blowout product will give your curls a volume boost, and a spritz of hair spray will keep them in line. Additionally, John Frieda makes a line of Frizz-Ease products that keep frizzy hair at bay. A second plug for the line, but worth the mention. My curly-haired friend insists this line does the trick for her every time. I also love the idea of a cute hair clip in that pile of curls - it just accentuates the romance. In any regard, you have a lot of options, so go out and try a new one today!