Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What to wear for The Big Date

One of our faithful readers, Rocksteady, writes:

Las F, I need your help. On the 17th, I will be attending a black tie event with the boyfriend. I will be donning this dress from White House/Black Market.

But I need help! I need a recommendation on a good bronzer (because these winter months have NOT been kind...), and what is your feeling on hosiery with a dress like this? What color, if any? If you could give me your thoughts, I'd really appreciate it. This thing's kind of a big deal -- it's our 2-year anniversary, and there's a possibility it could involve a RING. I must look fabulous!!!!!


How fun! I love the dress. It has a wonderful vintage feel to it. You WILL look fabulous!

I'd avoid bronzer altogether. Being pale is not a bad thing, honey! It will give you a much more classy look. Coloring your skin as if you are ignorant of the weather doesn't look sexy--it looks kind of silly.

I'd definitely wear the hose. A nice dress like this one, if worn during the winter months, calls for a light pair of nude stockings. Since this is such a special occasion, splurge and get a nice pair from Macy's. Go for control top as they'll smooth any problem areas from the waist down. Control top will also help the dress to fit better. Try and find a pair that matches your skin tone, but don't worry if it's not an exact match.

As for shoes, you want something comfortable but memorable as well. I personally like these sexy shoes from Zappo's. The bow on the front is a nice touch and it is in keeping with the bow theme on your dress. Or, if you want something simpler, opt for a vintage-style Mary Jane like this one.

Finish the outfit with pearls and a simple black clutch handbag.

Have a wonderful time! You'd better let us know if you get a ring!