Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Two Jamie Presslys

So, I'm watching the Big in '05 awards, when they announce Jamie Pressly. She walked out from backstage wearing a lovely cocktail dress, hair in a neat ponytail, wearing some lovely accompanying jewelry. All I have to say to that is, "More of the same, please." The change between the Jamies of yesteryear and today typify what we at Las F are all about - the good life for everyone, even JP.

Let's go back in time a bit and look at Jamie, version 1.0. Jamie started to become well-known in the 90s for two roles: tramp and trash. Don't believe me? Google Image her. That was interesting. She did the Playboy spread, played a stripper on the WB, and did a turn in Trash, Tomcats and the ill-fated David Spade vehicle Joe Dirt. At this point, I figured Jamie would be relegated to the same category as Donna D'Errico and her kind. There's nothing wrong with her kind, but she's not exactly the poster child for good taste. In short, Jamie wasn't generally destined for long-term employment in a treasured project. She did her thing in silly throwaway parts like the one at left in Not Another Teen Movie. And that's the end of Jamie.

Or is it? I'm telling you, Jamie has seemed to really turn herself around. There wasn't too much wrong with her as much as her career, and things are getting better for her every day. She's got a successful sitcom role, ironically playing trashy Joy in My Name is Earl. It doesn't matter, however! It's a great show and she's equally great in it. It seems now that she's starting to be where she's always wanted to go one day, and when she makes appearances now, she's actually doing it in style, and fully clothed! Check her out at this appearance at the Video Game Awards of 2005. She's - coordinated! Her hair is perfect! She truly is the catepillar that turned into the butterfly. Who knows what could be next for her...Emmy? Serious movie role? We'll have to wait and patiently watch as she continues to metamorphosize, and teach us all a lesson. You don't have to start out a foxy, elegant woman to become one. If you're listening, Donna D., this one's for you.