Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Product review: Stila Lip Rouge

Stila Lip Rouge

As with many makeup items I end up buying, I've been curious about Stila Lip Rouge, $20 at Sephora, for quite some time. A lipstick in a marker?! What will these kids think of next? Let me tell you, when they call this a marker, they ought to specify PERMANENT marker. It lasts quite awhile. This is good for me since I need my makeup to last for the greater part of the day with little opportunity for touch-ups.

I ordered the rouge in Pucker. Be forewarned, ladies--unless you like BRIGHT red, this is NOT the color for you. I've heard that Moue is one of the most popular colors since it's a neutral brown-pink. Anyway, the stain has to be applied BEFORE you put anything else on your lips. It feels a little dry, but I put some lipstick or gloss over it, and then it looks nice.

Maven verdict: This is a toy, not a necessity. Buy it if you need your kissers to stay covered all day--or all night!