Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Done and Done!

US Weekly' headline today shocked us all, darlings. We always hoped that Jessica and Nick would make it--one fashionista went so far as to let her wedding style be influenced by the Lachey's famous vow-swapping back in 2002.

**Exclusive News**

Alas, some things are not meant to last. However, we at Las F have a little bit of news to share. It seems that the split is not entirely Jessica's fault after all.

Rumors are spreading that Nick is not the knight in shining armor that US Weekly would like us to believe. Our source, who has close friends in Nick's hometown of Cincinnati, has heard a first-hand account that Nick cheated on Jessica with a girl from his hometown.

That'll hurt the team!

Don't believe everything you read, darlings. We're still waiting for an official announcement, probably from Daddy Joe Simpson himself.

It seems a shame that what appeared to be such sweet beginnings would have such bitter endings.

Update: As predicted, Nick Lachey's overworked rep has released a joint statement from the couple. They are vehemently denying any tales of a split and say that their marriage is fine. We shall see...

As always, we remain vigilant, dear readers.