Saturday, October 01, 2005

Oh, Canada!

"Any other great Canadian finds you'd like to share?"

Oh, are a card. There are actually a lot of great Canadian things, and since lately I cant stop making top five/ten lists (High Fidelity, anyone?), here's our top five favorite Canadian things. And, just for the record, neither of us is secretly Canadian, but thanks for asking - I nearly wet my pants.

1. Hockey. Whether or not I'm going to get in big trouble for this, I have to keep it real - I'm a big New York Rangers fan. And while the Broadway Blues probably won't win the cup for another fifty years, and they didn't even play last year, there is something that is strangely attractive about the sport. The traditions associated with hockey are so involved - it's like a religion, and I'm hooked. I've watched enough games where I can now sing the entire Canadian national anthem. Am I sad?

2. Beer. If you've never had Canadian beer, then it's an experience you should have. I'll quote Big Daddy: "You know that Canadian beer is like moonshine." Plus, the Molson's bear in the commercials is hysterical. And how about Bob and Doug Mackenzie?!

3. Star-Making Power. Thank you, Mother Canada, for Keanu Reeves, Alanis Morrissette, Steppenwolf, Joni Mitchell, John K. (of Ren and Stimpy fame), Caroline Rhea, Matthew Perry, Terry Gilliam, and a host of other entertainers that my life would be much thinner without.

4. Niagara Falls. Now, the actual natural phenomenon is pretty, and it was nice all lit up in the dark, but NF is fantastic because a more easily accessible Vegas for those of us who don't care to go berserk. There are casinos, great stores, and all I had to do to get in was show my license. NF is like a big club. When Las F were in college, we took a spur-of-the-moment trip to the Falls, and we had a great time, which only took a three-hour drive. Well worth it! And it doesn't have the garrish excess of Vegas.

5. Canadians. I'll be honest, I've never met a Canadian that I didn't like. And I'm not just saying that to butter you Canucks up, you people are very nice. I'm sure there are a ton of nasty Canadians, just like any other country, but when I visited Canada I felt very welcome. They're so freakishly proud of their country, and I can't blame them. Now, you know there is only one other group of people so freakishly proud of their homeland, and that would be New Jerseyans, so be on the lookout for that top ten list real soon!