Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Choosing Your Aura

We've gotten a lot of requests for help in picking out a perfume, so we felt it best to tackle that question right away. It can be difficult to choose one; you don't want to smell like old lady on a Sunday, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of choices out there. They all basically smell the same. For our part, most big name fragrances for women have distinctly similar characteristics - heavy on the alcohol and flowery. These also seem to be the most expensive perfumes, so a mistake can be costly. For this reason, Las F can't get enough of Sephora. You can try just about everything they sell before you buy it, so you can make sure you really like it. As for the perfume, put a little on and wear it for a day. See what kind of reactions you get from the people around you. If it's a thumbs up, go back the next day and buy it. If not, test drive another one. Some of the nicer ones include Estee Lauder's Pleasures and Clinique Happy Heart. But don't, for any reason, buy Britney Spears' Curious. The only curious thing about it is why they decided to start selling it in the first place. It has been a teeny bopper's dream perfume, much like my obsession with Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth when I was young. There are also many scents out there that do not derive their odor from flowers, but spices or outdoorsy scents. Go with what suits your personality best.

This Fashionista found her aura not at the perfume counter, but at Bath and Body Works. Those department store perfumes can be incredibly expensive. This chain has really expanded its line in the last few years, and now includes a cyclical catalogue of scents for any occasion. There are so many choices available to test that there is bound to be one that you like. You can do the same test drive with these scents, too, and when they hold their end-of-season sale, you can buy them ridiculously cheap. They have some sprays that are flowery, but not as pungent, and other scents that are not at all flowery, like warm vanilla sugar. My personal favorite is the white tea and ginger spray. I wear it every day of my life, and it has become my signature scent. The beauty of a spray like this is that no one will be bowled over by how you smell. And be sure to spray it on skin, not clothes - the formula is not made to react with your clothes. Besides, that's what makes a smell truly your own - when it mixes with your own pheromones. You can also buy body washes in those fragrances in case you're not the sort to spritz yourself every morning. In case you're wondering, yes, it is best to produce a small cloud of scent and walk through it rather than to apply it directly to your body. If you're not using spray, apply it to places people will smell it. Try behind the ears (so people will smell it when they hug you) or on your sweat points (wrists, neck) so the scent will be emitted as you go through the day. I used to put a little in my hair - I'm quite short, and when my tall companions hugged me, they smelled it, too. Be creative. There is no wrong answer here.

So let's say you try every perfume there is to try, and you still can't find one you really love. If only you could make a perfume you like, you think to yourself. Actually, you can. We found this kit that not only comes with different oils to blend, but also some cute vials to keep your creations in. Yes, it's meant for children, but some of the ones meant for adults are quite complicated - this really dumbs it down for those of us who are not scientifically inclined. I actually used something similar to this previously and was quite satisfied with my results. It's worth a try, anyway; it's fairly cheap. Considering how different we all are, it wouldn't be a terrible shock to find out that we know our own bodies best and can pick the best scents for it. I can virtually guarantee, though, that individuality and scent fulfillment will not be found at places like American Eagle or the Gap. Unless you want to smell like every teenager in your town, do something different!