Monday, October 03, 2005

Men: Doff Your T-Shirt

When I met my boyfriend, all he wore was jeans, t-shirts with sayings on them, and the same pair of shoes. This was his wardrobe regardless of season or occasion. When he was ready to expand his closet, he came to me, and he came to the right place. For those of you guys who don't know what to wear other than t-shirts and jeans, I'm here to tell you there is a world of clothes you're missing out there. Now, you may be the sort of guy who hates shopping, and for that reason has nothing else to wear, to which I say recruit someone who will hold your hand and tell you what you look good in, and what you look awful in. Get some lunch and make a day of it; the time has come to grow up. And if you still need further motivation - do it for the ladies.

Tees are great on casual days, but you don't have to resort to the one you brought back from spring break in Cabo. Now that you're grown, heavier, sturdier fabrics are in order, so go for a quality brand. It's fine to buy cheap pieces once in a while, but we're building the foundation of your house of fashion- don't skimp on the materials. If you want to buy a cheap lamp, go ahead. Forgive the extended metaphor, but it's important. Get nice-looking jeans that will age gracefully and shirts that feature more than logos. The shirt at left is a great example. Tell me you don't think that mannequin looks hot! Find one you like and buy it in every color and pattern. Buy jeans in a few colors, too. Get stonewashed, dark wash, distressed - but stay away from acid wash. I'm warning you!

When you've achieved step one, you can branch out into the world of polos and button downs. Just like the finely dressed woman wears dressier pieces on casual occasions, men should, too. Since you're going to be buying these kinds of shirts, you'll need to buy a stock of shirts to go under them. My personal favorite is the a-shirt, more commonly known as the wife beater. They're great for summer so you don't sweat, but at the same time you won't have bare chest peeking out from behind those collars like you were Don Juan de Marco. You can go back to the regular undershirt in the fall. The added benefit of the undershirt is that it's the man's girdle. Buy one a size too small and it kind of sucks in the wobbly bits and helps the shirt on top to lay flat. Also, spare us the opulent jewelry. A simple chain on a guy, depending on the guy, can look quite handsome, and if you insist on piercing your ears, simple studs are all you require.

Step three is definitely the hardest sell. If you're not wearing cologne, you are omitting the strongest girl-attractor the world has to offer you. Find a scent that works well with who you are and wear it all the time. My brother has worn Aspen cologne for his entire life, and to this day, when someone walks by wearing Aspen, I immediately think of him. Now, pay attention, because this bit's important: you can wield the power to make women think of you and only you with a signature scent. Scent and memory, for some reason, are very closely linked in the brain, so harness this power! Women, this goes double for you. Some great ones to try: Drakkar Noir, Cool Water and Polo. Yum! If you really hate the idea of cologne or after-shave, there are some nice body washes out there that deposit scent as you wash, such as Old Spice. That way you won't have to tell anyone you wear cologne, but you just step out of the shower smelling that good.