Friday, March 10, 2006

Let me introduce myself...

I'm F. Seattle!

With F. Jersey finding herself too busy to continue with her Las F duties--and F. Cali a busy gal herself--I volunteered to write periodically. No more long weeks without a peep from Las F!

Like most of you fashionable ladies and gents, I am fascinated with clothing, culture, and make-up. I consider it an art form, an expression of self, and just plain fun.

I've grew up in the Northwest, but went to college in the Bible Belt. Living in a dorm with dozens of Southern belles introduced me to the world of make-up and fashion. For the first time in my life, putting a little effort into looking nice wasn't superficial--it was fun, creative and liberating.

Living down south was when I first felt free to become the girly-girl that I am. Now that I'm back up north, I still enjoy fashion as much as ever, but find myself a fashionable girl in a style-challenged region.

So if you're ever up in Seattle, I'll be the the brunette wearing lipstick and a pair of high heels in the supermarket. (Most everyone else will be in athletic socks and birkenstocks.) Be sure to stop and say hello.