Friday, March 10, 2006


Dear Readers,

We're really sorry about the lack of posting lately. F Jersey and I (F Cali) have both been busy. F Jersey is getting ready to go to law school, and I just finished directing a musical! When we started this site, it was strictly for entertainment purposes and we never imagined it would become as popular as it did! We never thought we'd have readers complaining when we didn't post! But we love you all and we're really privileged to have you as readers. We want to thank you for hanging in there with us.

Unfortunately, F Jersey isn't going to be able to post here anymore. We've both had online presences for years now as readers and writers of blogs, and we are well aware of what it would take to make this site a top website. For us, the time such an endeavor would take would draw us away from our families, our friends, our significant others, and our jobs!

But there's some good news too! I'll still be around, and another reader has offered to step in and help pick up the slack. We're not going away! Stay tuned. We hope to delight and empower you to realize your potential for quite some time!