Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I need some help!

Hi fellow fashionistas,

It's your turn to offer me advice! I'd like to buy a new pair of blue jeans, but I don't know where to start. I used to buy my jeans at Ann Taylor Loft, but I am a bit disappointed with the last pair I got there. Where do the rest of you go for jeans? Here are my requirements:

1. Medium rise-- I don't want ultra-low rise pants; they don't look very good on me.
2. Classic fit-- A bit of stretch would be grand. I'd prefer a slightly flared leg. I am 5'3" and about a size 8, so I need something that will be flattering to curvy figures.
3. Dark rinse--I don't like light rinses or tons of whiskering; they go out of style too quickly. I'd like to find a classic style that will look as good with casual loafers as it will with pointy shoes.
4. Trousers--I would really love to find a good pair of denim trousers as well.

I don't like a lot of pockets--the less the better! Back flap pockets are a devastating look for me.

Hit me with your best shot--when I start shopping, I want to know where to go!