Friday, February 02, 2007

Pinch me--a cheap cheekstain?

I recently stumbled across Revlon's new Cheek stain gel, Pinch Me. Since I'm always looking for good products to review for this site (yes, I think of you in the Target, dear readers), I picked it up.

The color I chose is Cheeky Cherry, which is just an average pinkish hue that I imagine would look good on most complexions. As with most liquid stains, the trick is to put a tiny bit on your fingers and blend it in slowly. If you get too much, don't worry--Revlon's formula seems to be more forgiving than others I've tried. When I put on too much, I found it easy to blend out by simply applying a little more foundation.

The color is pretty natural and lasts all day. It even can work for your lips, although I found it a bit drying. Here's the downside--it comes in a pump bottle! I don't know what Revlon was thinking, but it is extremely messy and tends to shoot out of the bottle. The best way I found around this was to squirt the stain away from me, onto another surface like a hand held mirror or a plate. I did squirt it onto my jeans once, and the stain came out.

All in all, if you're looking to try a cheek stain but don't want to shell over $30 for one, this is a good alternative.