Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Looking Cute in the Kitchen

For foodies and microwave chefs alike, aprons can be fun, functional and a cute way to express yourself in the kitchen, garden or workshop!

Get one that is adjustable in both the waist (long strings will work) and the neck loop. Make sure the fabric that will be touching your neck is soft, not scratchy. Some people prefer pockets in their aprons--get them if they make sense for you. (Pockets can be a good idea for those using aprons when gardening.)

I know it sounds incredibly June Cleaver, but sometimes it's nice to have a "cooking spaghetti sauce/washed a billion times" apron and a more presentable and clean one stowed away for informal dinner parties or to take with you to the church social where you are dishing up tuna casserole.

Where can you find stylish aprons?

-Layla Grace has beautiful and elegant aprons (but doesn't allow anyone to post their pictures). My favorite is this one (I'm on a black and white kick lately) followed by this flirty little number.

-Antique shows and country fairs are great places to find vintage and homemade aprons. This is where living in the boondocks can really be to your advantage. My dad bought a beautiful quiltwork-inspired apron for me last year at a country fair in Arkansas.

-You can design your own cheeky apron or make a couple of matching aprons for some foodie friends at Cafe Press for a convenient price.

-If you find a durable fabric you love, you can make your own apron or ask a crafty friend to make it for you. Here is a fairly easy pattern free of charge.

Have fun, fashionistas!

Photo from Apron.com.