Monday, January 15, 2007

She's "naturally" beautiful!

You already have environmental pollutants seeping into your skin each day---why enable more by using cosmetics and beauty products contaiing harsh chemicals, many of which you can't even pronounce, much less spell. Lucky for you, new brands of eco-friendly cosmetics and "green" beauty products are available. These certifiably organic products not only shun ingredients like petrochemicals, synthetic preservaties, mineral oils, pesticide residues and genetically modified additives, but even support local communities where they are produced.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care uses a high-quality alcohol distilled from vegetables and grains, instead of the isopropyl alcohol usually found in beauty products. Try the Facial Toner, containing Anthyllis extract, to reduce swelling and redness.

Juice Beauty uses an organic juice-base formula rich in antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, and hydroxy acids, instead of a typical water-base formula. The Green Apple Nutrient Mask is a new way to get your vitamin C in the morning!

EO relies solely on word-of-mouth advertising, and fill and package their products in-house. Their Lip Treatment not only treats a dry, flaky pucker, but is the first USDA-certified organic lip balm.

Organic Fiji utilizes 100 percent certified organic coconut oil from one of the world's only certified organic coconut plantations. Use the Coconut Oil to promote natural healing and vitamin-rich moisturizing properties. It even comes in a variety of scents!

Remember to be careful when shopping for organics. The government hasn't outlined comprehensive natural beauty product standards yet. Some products that are labeled "organic" or "natural" may indeed contain small amounts of authentically natural ingredients, but also contain harsh chemicals. Do your research and read the label.

Additional "organic" manufacturers:

Pangea Organics

Mineral Basics

Living Nature

Afterglow Cosmetics


Mundo Products

Burt's Bees (most of their ingredients are natural)

Products linked to online vendor.